A miracle!

Tired, heartbroken, losing all hopes, we reached home after a drive of about 20 minutes. We didn’t talk to each other. We just went in, kept the file on the table and sat down on the dining table. We both stared at something as we thought hard. Harder to find a way, if there was one, and get rid of that excruciating pain in our hearts. I was so burdened and disappointed in myself, that I could hardly look at him. Then he spoke, “You had a doctor friend right? Isn’t she a gynecologist as well?”

Suddenly, I felt there is hope somewhere. I said, “Yes! Are you suggesting that I should call her and take her opinion as well?” “Yes!”; he said. I got up from the dining table seat and started walking to and fro the hallway. I didn’t know what to tell her, how to tell her, what to ask. It’s been so long, to call because I need her opinion, will it look good? How would I  explain to her, what happened? As I was thinking all these, I suddenly drifted back to the day before.

It was a Saturday, the start of a lovely weekend. It was all planned. We had to leave for a short trip to the beaches. I was almost done with the packing. I took a trip to the loo, after I was back, I could feel pain in the lower abdomen. I was used to them, as they were quite frequent. They might originate on both the sides and go till the navel. I ignored it and we started for our vacation. It was hardly some 20 kilometers that my husband got an urgent call from his office. He had to log in to resolve some issues. So, we cancelled the trip and went back home. I was still in pain, though I never mentioned it to my husband.

I was preparing lunch, when my husband came and stood besides me and asked, “Are you in pain again?” I never thought he would notice. But if he did, then I must have shown signs of pain. I said, “no”. He said, “Don’t lie. Your walking and posture says it all.” I said, “A little. It will go away.” After that, he finished his work, we then finished our lunch and were watching a movie. He suddenly said, “Lets do one thing, now that we have already cancelled our trip. Lets visit the doctor. We are planning to start a family and the frequent pains aren’t good. We will ask the doctor, what is the issue and what can be done.” I said, “No need. I am fine. Nothing has happened. We can start a family, whenever we want. No need to go to the doctor for silly stuffs.”

That night, all was calm and chilled. The next morning, he told me to dress up for church. We left for church and it was just like the normal, calm and peaceful Sunday. On the way back, he took another route home. He said, “I have taken an appointment at 12 pm for you at the hospital. It’s already time. I hope we reach there before the doctor leaves.” I was not pleased. I was angry. I said, “I told you not to do that. I don’t want to go. No checkups. Nothing. Take me back home.” Still we went. The doctor was still there. She didn’t look like an easy person. When she saw me, she said, “Lose weight. You are very fat. You are here because of it.” I smiled. I told her about the pains. She didn’t touch me even, rather gave us a long list of tests. She told us to come back tomorrow with the reports. Even if I denied, I got the tests done.

We came back in the evening to collect the reports. Blood reports and everything was fine. The lab technician said there was another report to be collected tomorrow. We went back home. Next day (that’s today), we went for the last report and consultation. We couldn’t understand anything except for “PCOD”. I said, “It’s okay. That is only PCOD. I now know the cause of the pains. It’s treatable and fine.” I am a genetic engineer and I also know some stuffs like this. Unconvinced, my husband worried about the doctors review.

As we went in, she said, “Reports!” We handed them over to her. She saw each one of them and then she looked straight in my eyes saying, “Madam, you can never ever bear a child. You can never be pregnant. You have PCOD and its so bad that it will be a miracle, if you get pregnant.” I was blown. It’s only PCOD. It went on again and again in my mind. How can she be so rude? Does she even know how much we want a kid? Does she even realize the pain. My husband asked her, “Doctor, if we can treat it somehow! If something can be done.” She wrote down some medicines and handed it over to my husband. She said, “She has to reduce. Might be in another 7 to 8 years you might get a chance.” What was her problem? Me, my PCOD, my weigh or her attitude?

“Hello!!!” The voice from the other side of the phone call said. It was my friend. My childhood buddy. I said, “Hello baby!” From there she started with her “Oh My God!s” Then I told her about my problem and how the doctor treated us. Doctor in an international hospital, being so rude to her patients, was my first. She said, “It might take time dear. But you will conceive. Don’t worry and pray for everything. After talking to her, I calmed down a bit. I couldn’t share this with anyone except my husband. We didn’t want tell our parents because they will be tensed. We wanted to wait and try.

Days later, we went to another doctor with symptoms of pregnancy. We got all the tests done. But all the reports came back negative. Still she gave me some medicine and told me to go home to my native and get some rest. I did so. We went to our homeland and stayed there for a week or more. I didn’t want to come back. I was prepared to face the reality again. It had been 2 months now, we had been praying and asking God for His miracle in our lives.

5 months later, I started feeling hot in my belly and was so hungry at night. I got so hungry, that a big fat buffet could suffice me only. During the morning hours, I would sleep and sleep. I would skip lunch and directly eat snacks. One night, my husband told me while watching television, “I feel you are pregnant”. We then laughed for quite some time. I said, “Are you mad?” He said jokingly, “Why don’t you check?” “To prove you wrong? Okay. I’m on it. Get me a pregnancy kit.” He went out to the pharmacists, and came back with 3 kits. He said, “If you screw up any of these. I have got back up.” I went in and checked with the first kit.

POSITIVE. Holy molly. My adrenaline was rushing through my veins, all through out my body. I was feeling nauseous and elated. I gave the kit to my husband and said, “I think I screwed up. Its positive. I need to check with the other. Well, the next and the last one all had one result. POSITIVE. I was pregnant. God had heard and answered our prayers. It was a Miracle. I was carrying a Miracle. We went to the hospital the next day, early in the morning. She said, I was 2 and 1/2 months pregnant. God gave us this child within 3 months of a major heartbreak by a doctor, who had said, only a miracle can get me conceived.

Today, my daughter is 3 years and 4 months old. She is our miracle. She is our gift from God.









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